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Covid-19 Safety Information

We are delighted to be back offering 100% passenger capacity on our Donegal – Dublin coach services, which includes pick and drop off from Dublin Airport.

While it is great to welcome everyone back on board, we are also mindful of the health of all our passengers and staff, so we have maintained important Covid measures to ensure everyone has a safe journey with us.

Please take a moment to brief yourself on our health & safety procedures and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Please remember to book your seats in advance by calling our office which is open from 9am-6pm daily.

We look forward to seeing you and happy travels!


  1. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser stations will be available on coaches for customer use as you board. We will

also be recommending passengers bring hand sanitiser gel for use during the journey.


  1. Face coverings

To minimise the spread of the virus passengers must wear a face mask or face covering when

on board the coach.


  1. Deep cleaning daily

Regular aerosol-based disinfection with a high-performance antiviral solution, sometimes

called ‘fogging’ is being used on our coaches. Key touch points, including handrails, armrests,

and seat belts, will be cleaned using high performance antiviral cleaning solution.


  1. Air filtration system

An additional filter using three types of technology, including UVC radiation to reduce bacteria

and corona type viruses, a PM2.5 filter to block 99% of airborne particulates and improve

air quality has been installed on the air conditioning systems of all coaches.


  1. Boarding process

Boarding and disembarking may take longer than usual. Customers will be asked to empty

from the front and let passengers sitting in front of them off the coach first.


  1. Driver safety

All of our drivers will be provided with protective equipment including visors, masks, gloves

and hand sanitiser.


What we’re asking you to do to help us

  • Remember not to travel if you feel unwell.
  • Make sure you’re following the driver and crew instructions at all times – they’re
  • there to help keep you safe.
  • Wear your face covering when you’re at the stop and on board.
  • Where you can, wash your hands before travelling.
  • Please keep to your own seat for full journey.
  • Anti-bac stations are on every coach, though carrying your own is also
  • recommended.
  • Please place any rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Please be patient with us as we are all dealing with the ongoing Covid situation.



Book online and
guarantee your seat!

We recommend you book your seat in advance so that we can plan ahead and always have space for everyone.


This is especially important on our busier services and at holiday periods.


Passengers with pre booked tickets will be prioritised and will always be guaranteed a seat.